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Descriptive Text

Node: Descriptor_t (SIDS, File Mapping)

Functions Modes
ier = cg_descriptor_write(char *name, char *text); - w m
ier = cg_ndescriptors(int *ndescriptors); r - m
ier = cg_descriptor_read(int D, char *name, char **text); r - m
call cg_descriptor_write_f(name, text, ier) - w m
call cg_ndescriptors_f(ndescriptors, ier) r - m
call cg_descriptor_size_f(D, size, ier) r - m
call cg_descriptor_read_f(D, name, text, ier) r - m


    ndescriptors   Number of Descriptor_t nodes under the current node.
D Descriptor index number, where 1 ≤ Dndescriptors.
name Name of the Descriptor_t node.
text Description held in the Descriptor_t node.
size Size of the descriptor data (Fortran interface only) - integer.
ier Error status.

Note that with cg_descriptor_read the memory for the descriptor character string, text, will be allocated by the Mid-Level Library. The application code is responsible for releasing this memory when it is no longer needed by calling cg_free(text).

Ordinal Value

Node: Ordinal_t (SIDS, File Mapping)

Functions Modes
ier = cg_ordinal_write(int Ordinal); - w m
ier = cg_ordinal_read(int *Ordinal); r - m
call cg_ordinal_write_f(Ordinal, ier) - w m
call cg_ordinal_read_f(Ordinal, ier) r - m


    Ordinal   Any integer value.
ier Error status.