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CFD General Notation System
A User's Guide to CGNS

Version 4.2

This User's Guide (originally published as NASA/TM-2001-211236, October 2001) has been written to aid users in the implementation of CGNS (CFD General Notation System) external link. It is intended as a tutorial: light in content, but heavy in examples, advice and guidelines.

All examples of source code discussed in the User's Guide are available from external link, as a complement to the document itself. We strongly recommend that you download these examples.

The complete User's Guide to CGNS in HTML form is also available for installation on a local system. This is a gzip'ed tar file (215K, 451K gunzip'ed), and may be downloaded by clicking on the link while holding down the shift key, assuming your browser supports this capability. A dialogue box will appear for you to specify the directory and file name. To unpack the contents, do

   gunzip -c user.tar.gz | tar xvf -
The files will be extracted and stored in the directory user. Point your browser to the local file user/index.html to display the User's Guide to CGNS home page. Note also that some links, to other manuals, etc., may not work.

Questions and comments on this document are welcome and should be directed to:

    Chris Rumsey
Mail Stop 128
NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, VA  23681-2199
(757) 864-2165