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CFD General Notation System
Overview and Entry-Level Document

Version 4.2

This document describes the structure of CGNS (CFD General Notation System) external link, its software, and its documentation. The Overview, which was written primarily for new and prospective users of CGNS, (1) introduces terminology, (2) identifies the elements of the system and their relationships, and (3) describes the various documents that elaborate the details. Reading the material on the purpose and general description of CGNS should help users determine whether CGNS will meet their needs. Those wanting a bit more detail should read the section describing the various elements of CGNS. For those interested only in understanding the scope and capabilities of CGNS, or for the end user unconcerned with the internal workings of the system, the Overview may prove sufficient documentation by itself.

The Overview also includes certain information that is current as of the document date but which may change with time. All information on CGNS compatible "applications" software (i.e., external programs such as grid generators, flow codes, or postprocessors) is of this type. Also subject to change is the information on the acquisition of the software and documentation, and the current status of CGNS.

The complete Overview and Entry-Level Document in HTML form is also available for installation on a local system. This is a gzip'ed tar file (24K, 92K gunzip'ed), and may be downloaded by clicking on the link while holding down the shift key, assuming your browser supports this capability. A dialogue box will appear for you to specify the directory and file name. To unpack the contents, do

   gunzip -c overview.tar.gz | tar xvf -
The files will be extracted and stored in the directory overview. Point your browser to the local file overview/index.html to display the Overview and Entry-Level Document home page. Note also that some links, to other manuals, etc., may not work.