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The CGNS Steering Committee is a public forum made up of international representatives from government and private industry, responsible for the development, evolution, support, and promotion of the CGNS (CFD General Notation System) standard. It provides background information on the CGNS project; describes the mission and responsibilities of the committee, and its organization; and presents the principles used for distribution and modification of the CGNS standard and software. See the CGNS Steering Committee charter

The first meeting of the CGNS Steering Committee was in October 1999, although the CGNS project had been underway since 1995. Originally led by Ben Paul (Boeing) and Ray Cosner (Boeing), once formed the CGNS Steering Committee has had the following chairs:

  • Oct 1999 - Jan 2003 : Bob Bush (Pratt & Whitney)
  • Jan 2003 - Jan 2008 : Chris Rumsey (NASA Langley)
  • Jan 2008 - Sep 2014 : Thomas Hauser (U. Colorado)
  • Sep 2014 - Sep 2019 : Bob Bush (Pratt & Whitney), Chris Rumsey (NASA Langley), ZJ Wang (U. Kansas)
  • Sep 2019 - present: Scot Breitenfeld (HDF Group) and Koen Hillewaert (Cenaero).

The current members of the committee are: 

The general responsibility of the CGNS Steering Committee as a whole is to actively participate in the development, maintenance, distribution and use of the CGNS Standard, through:

  • maintaining and upgrading the software
  • ensuring free distribution
  • promoting acceptance

To help satisfy the duties of the Steering Committee as a whole, the minimal responsibilities of each individual Steering Committee member are to:

  • attend as many telecons/meetings as possible, but not less than 1 per year
  • read and send comments on proposals or other issues when asked to do so
  • vote when asked to do so

Membership size is limited, as detailed in the Charter. Interested new potential members should contact the Committee Chairman.