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These utilities are distributed as a service from CGNS users to CGNS users. 

If you have any questions about  these utilities, please contact the person listed in the table. The CGNS Committee is not able to provide technical support  for  the utilities listed on this webpage. 

Please post any CGNS software applications which you would like to share them with the CGNS user community to cgnstalk.

Only source code or links to external sites are posted on this page. 

Description Source code Dates: 
Last revised
Fortran90 module generator: reads cgnslib_f.h and creates f90 module cgns_for_f90.tar.gz Mar.05.14 Mirco Valentini
File utility: reads CGNS file and tells what type it is (ADF or HDF5), and allows translation to the other type cgns_type.f.gz Feb.03.14 Chris Rumsey
Interface for MATLAB and Octave: complete CGNS mid-level library interface for MATLAB/Octave (formerly known as mexCGNS) CGNS4m link external site Xiangmin (Jim) Jiao
CHLone CGNS/HDF5 Implementation: library with three interface levels for mapping SIDS-to-HDF5 CHLone link external site Marc Poinot
Various unstructured-to-CGNS Translators: convert certain unstructured grid file formats to CGNS aflr3_to_cgns.f90.gz
Dec.01.09 Chris Rumsey
New set of Python bindings using swig Python binding link external site Oliver Borm
cgns_to_vtk patch for 2D meshes cgns_to_vtk2D.patch.gz Nov.03.09 Oliver Borm
CGNS to Plot3D Function-File Translator: converts a CGNS file to "standard" PLOT3D grid + function files (where the functions are specified by the user) cgns_to_plot3d_function.f.gz
Jul.24.07 Chris Rumsey
CGNS to Plot3D Translator: converts a CGNS file to "standard" PLOT3D grid + conserved-variable-Q files cgns_to_plot3d.f.gz
Chris Rumsey
Plot3d to CGNS Translator: converts a "standard" PLOT3D grid file or grid and Q file to a CGNS file plot3d_to_cgns.f.gz
Chris Rumsey
CGNS++ : Object Oriented Interface  CGNS++ link external site Manuel Kessler
PyCGNS PyCGNS link external site Marc Poinot
Header file for Data-Name Identifiers fvname.h Feb.15.02 Alan Sayre
In-memory Tree Proposal ADFM package link external site Marc Poinot
Extract History Data: program to read CGNS file and print out history data to a formatted file cgns_readhist.f.gz
Chris Rumsey
FTU (File Transfer Utility):  Converter to and from Plot3D format.  Has a text-based menu allowing the manipulation of a CGNS base. ftu.tar.gz
Jun.14.00 Robert Bush