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CGNS Steering Committee

Telecon Minutes

4 December 2002
2:00pm Eastern Time

Telecon Number: (805) 240-9853, participant code: 557184

The meeting was called to order at 2:00. There were 12 attendees, listed below. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as posted on the Web.

It was announced that CGNS will have a meeting at the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Reno. The meeting will be on Monday night, January 6 at 7:00pm. The room will be posted at the meeting. Potential items for the agenda were suggested, including:

The meeting was adjourned at about 3:00.


   Bob Bush    Pratt & Whitney
Dan Dominik Boeing
Chris Rumsey NASA Langley
Greg Stuckert Fluent
Bruce Wedan ICEM
Curt Weber Allison
Marc Poinot Onera
Nick Wyman Pointwise
Charlie Towne NASA Glenn
Greg Power AEDC
Kevin Mack ADAPCO
Armen Darian Boeing - Rocketdyne

Chris Rumsey notes on NASA Langley contract

To:   CGNS users
From: Chris Rumsey
Re:   latest news from CGNS

Although many of you are already aware of these, I 
thought it would be worthwhile to summarize several
important tasks that were recently accomplished for
CGNS.  In summary:

1.  A new mid-level library (API) function was written
    allow deletion of any node in CGNS database (V2.2)
      - this expands the usability of the API

2.  Several new additions have been made to the CGNS
    standard, and corresponding API calls have been
    written to handle them (V2.2):
      a. axisymmetry specification
      b. rotating coordinates specification
      c. gravity specification
      d. wall function specification
      e. periodic BC specification
      f. rotor-stator interface BC specification
      - these expand the range of applications that 
        can make use of CGNS

3.  A CGNS Tools Utility has been written.  It can be used
    alone or in conjunction with the "adfviewer" utility.
    The new tools include:
      a. translate between CGNS and PLOT3D formats
      b. translate between CGNS, TECPLOT, and PATRAN
         unstructured formats
      c. translate between cell-centered & cell-vertex
         CGNS files
      d. translate between dimensional & nondimensional
         CGNS files
      e. translate between primitive & conserved
         CGNS files
      f. interpolate solutions from one CGNS grid 
         to another
      g. extract subsets of data from structured
         CGNS solutions (e.g., every other gridpoint)
      - this new utility greatly enhances the 
        ability to use, translate, share, and work 
        with CGNS files

As always, all software is freely available from the 
CGNS website: