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CGNS Steering Committee

Telecon Minutes

24 August 2000
2:00pm Eastern Time

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 Eastern time. There were 13 attendees, listed below.

The minutes of the 21 June were reviewed. Steve Legensky asked that two discussion items be added to the minutes: 1) We discussed version control and agreed on a new API software release process where we release once per year, with a beta release for new capabilities. 2) There was some discussion, with no conclusion, about what is sufficient information to consider a file CGNS compliant (additional discussion below). These items will be added to the minutes. The minutes were then approved as amended.

Bob Bush will set up the next telecon for mid October, the next meeting will take place at the AIAA conference in Reno in January.


   Don Roberts   Amtec Engineering
Chris Rumsey NASA LaRC
Rick Matus Pointwise Inc.
Steve Legensky Intelligent Light
Diane Poirier ICEM CFD
Bob Bush UTRC
Charlie Towne NASA Glenn
Francis Enomoto NASA Ames
Armen Darian Boeing
Dave Schowalter Fluent
Michel Delanaye NUMECA
Teresa Babraukas NASA Glenn
Ed Hall Allison