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CGNS Steering Committee

Meeting Minutes

9 January 2001
Reno, Nevada

The meeting was called to order at 8:00pm. There were 21 attendees, listed below.

The minutes of the 7 December 2000 telecon were approved as posted on the web.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00pm.


   Bob Bush   Pratt & Whitney
Ray Cosner Boeing
Chris Rumsey NASA LaRC
Steve Karman Lockheed Martin
Bill Jones NASA LaRC
Greg Power AEDC
Alex Corjon EADS Airbus SA
Jiim French AIAA
Dan Dominik Boeing
Kevin Mack Adapco
Don Roberts Amtec
Jeanne Mara Intelligent Light
David Edwards Intelligent Light
Charles Hirsch Numeca
Diane Poirier ICEM CFD Engineering
Michael Aftomis NASA
John Chawner Pointwise
Theresa Babrauckas NASA Glenn
Steve Legensky Intelligent Light
Anthony Iannetti NASA Glenn
Peter Eiseman Program Development Co.
Armin Wulf ICEM CFD Engineering

CGNS Logo Samples

The table below contains the latest four concepts for the CGNS logo based on feedback provided during the 07 December steering committee telecon. Each logo concept is presented in color and greyscale. The CGNS logo was developed, produced, and contributed to the CGNS Steering Committee by The DPC Group.

color version black & white version
Logo concept 1, color
Logo concept 1, black and white
Logo concept 2, color
Logo concept 2, black and white
Logo concept 3, color
Logo concept 3, black and white
Logo concept 4, color
Logo concept 4, black and white

For more information contact John Chawner at (888) GRIDGEN or