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Menu Items

The following lists the menu selection items, and the function of each.

File Menu

New.. Creates a new CGNS file. You will be prompted for the file format.
Open... Open an existing CGNS file. A file selection box will be invoked to allow filename selection.
Save... Save a copy of the current file. A file selection box will be invoked to allow the filename selection.
Reload Reload the current file.
File Info... A dialog box will invoked, which displays the file properties.
Restore Restore the backup file created when changes are made. This will undo all changes made to the current file.
Quit Exit CGNSview.

Config Menu

Show Lines Toggles the display of the connecting lines in the Node Tree.
Show Toolbar Toggles the display of the toolbar buttons.
Verify Delete If enabled, the user will be prompted to verify the deletion of a node prior to deleting it.
Auto Backup If enabled, the current file will be backed-up prior to making any changes. When exiting or loading a new file, the user will be prompted as to whether or not to delete the backup file.
Auto Load Data If enabled, then the node data will be automatically loaded into the Node Data window when a new node is selected. This is only done if the node data size is less than the data size threshold as set by Auto Data Size...
Auto Data Size... This invokes a setup panel to allow setting the data size threshold for automatically loading node data into the Node Data window. The default value is set at 1K bytes.

Tree Menu

Follow Links If enabled, then nodes which are linked to nodes containing children (subnodes) will be expanded. These subnodes will be displayed in the Node Tree in blue and are not editable. If not enabled, only the link nodes are shown.
Expand All Expands all the nodes in the Node Tree. If Follow Links is enabled, then the linked nodes will also be expanded.
Collapse All Collapses all the nodes in the Node Tree.
Find Node... Invokes a Find dialog window, which allows specification of a node to search for in the Node Tree. Wildcards are allowed in the node name.
Find Again Searches for the next node in the Node Tree which matches the pattern specified in Find Node...

Tools Menu

Diff CGNS Files... Invokes a dialog window to compare the current file with another.
Check CGNS... Invokes a dialog window to check the current file for CGNS compatibility.
Plot CGNS... Calls CGNSplot for the current file, if installed.
Calculate CGNS... Calls CGNScalc for the current file, if installed.
Unit Conversions... Invokes a units conversion panel.

Help Menu

CGNSview.. Invokes the CGNSview documentation.
Utilities... Invokes the CGNS utilility routines documentation
CGNS... Invokes the CGNS documentation.
Configure... Invokes a dialog to setup the HTML browser and URL's to the documentation.
About... Invokes an about dialog box.

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