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Dialog Windows

The dialog windows invoked by CGNSview are briefly described below.

File Info

This dialog is invoked from the File | File Info.. menu selection or from the  toolbar button. As shown on the left, it gives a summary of the information for the currently loaded file. The Close button closes the window, and the Update button will update the information.

Auto Data Size

This panel sets the data size for automatic loading of node data into the Node Data window. It is invoked from the Config | Auto Data Size.. menu selection or the  toolbar button. The size in bytes and max data values per line in the Node Data window may be specified. The Accept button will accept the new values, Cancel will cancel the changes and Default will restore the default values.


Dialog to find a node in the Node Tree. This is invoked from the Tree | Find... menu selection or the  toolbar button. Enter the node to search for in the Node: entry field. The search supports standard grep-type matching. If the Match Case button is enabled, then a case-sensitive search is done, otherwise the search is case-insensitive. The Find button will search for the next match, and highlight the entry. If the Start from Root button is enabled, the search will start from the top of the tree, otherwise it will start from the current location. The Cancel button closes the dialog.

Diff CGNS File

Runs the cgnsdiff program on the currently loaded CGNS file and the one selected in the dialog. This is invoked from the Tools | Diff CGNS Files... menu item, or the  toolbar button, and compares the two files on a node name basis. The Case-insensitive and Ignore White Space buttons control the matching of node names in the files. Any matching nodes in the files are compared by node header information, and differences listed, if any. The Compare Node Data button, if enabled, will also compare the data associated with the nodes. For floating point data, Compare Tolerance is the tolerance to be used when comparing the data.

Check CGNS

Runs the cgnscheck program on the currently loaded CGNS file. This is invoked from the Tools | Check CGNS... menu item or the  toolbar button, and will check the file for CGNS compatibility. The Verbose Output button enables more detailed output and the Show Errors will output the error information. The level of warning messages is controlled by the Warning Level setting - 0 for no warnings, and 3 for all. The Accept button runs the check and Cancel will cancel and close the window.

Node Tree Browser

This is invoked from the Link Node Browse button on the Link Description panel. The Link File name is shown in the header. To select the node within the file, highlight it, then select the Accept button. The Cancel button will close the window, and cancel the selection.

Help Setup

This panel sets up the HTML browser and location of the CGNS documentation. Normally, the CGNS Documentation URL points to the base CGNS documentation on the NASA Glenn server. The Browse buttons will invoke a file selection dialog to locate the browser or local copies of the documentation. The Accept button accepts the setting, the Defaults button will restore the default values, and the Cancel button will close the window and cancel the changes.

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