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CGNS Steering Committee

Meeting Minutes

14-15 October 1999
United Technologies Research Center
East Hartford, Connecticut

The first CGNS Steering committee meeting was held 14-15 October 1999 in Hartford, CT. This committee is responsible for supporting the CGNS CFD data standard, after the end of the NASA/Boeing contract effort to develop the standard. The main objective of this first meeting was to adopt a charter and to plan the next steps for the organization. The meeting minutes are followed by a list of action items.

There were 17 attendees, listed below.

Action Items

Theresa Babrauckas (NASA Glenn)

Diane Poirier (ICEM CFD Engineering)

Bob Bush (UTRC)

Doug McCarthy (Boeing)

Steve Feldman (ADAPCO)

Outreach Committee

Bob Haimes (MIT)

Chris Rumsey (NASA Langley)



   Theresa Babrauckas   NASA Glenn Research Center
Bob Bush UTRC
Raymond Cosner Boeing Phantom Works
Armen Darian Boeing Reusable Space Systems
Dan Dominak Boeing Reusable Space Systems
David Edwards Computer Sciences Corp.
Barbra Hutching Fluent
Francis Enomoto NASA Ames
Steve Feldman ADAPCO
Bob Haimes MIT
Edward Hall Allison
Douglas McCarthy Boeing
Todd Michal Boeing
Diane Poirier ICEM CFD Engineering
Bill Riner AEDC
Chris Rumsey NASA Langley
Dave Schowalter Fluent