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Graphics Window

The graphics window uses OpenGL to display the currently selected objects. To view may be rotated, translated and scaled using the mouse. The axes are turned on in the example view, and are displayed along the minimum edges of the bounding box. The x-axis is shown in red, the y-axis in yellow, and the z-axis in green.

Mouse Bindings

The view may be adjusted by holding down a mouse button while moving the mouse in the graphics window. The mouse button bindings and the corresponding action are:
Button 1 rotates
Button 2 or
Control-Button 1
Button 3 or
Shift-Button 1

Key Bindings

The following keys may be used as short cuts to the menu and toolbar buttons:
c center the plot
r reset the plot
t toggle two-sided lighting
b toggle back-face culling
a toggle axis display
p invoke the cutting plane panel

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