Standardization bodies

The AIAA recommanded practice

As part of its role as a sub-committee of the AIAA CFD Committee on Standards the CGNS Steering Committee was involved in the development of the AIAA Recommended Practice for recording and recovering computer data associated with the numerical solution of the equations of fluid dynamics. The Recommended Practice consists of the CGNS Standard Interface Data Structures (SIDS) document, reformatted to conform to AIAA’s requirements.

Although outdated, the current AIAA Recommended Practice (corresponding to CGNS Version 2.4) is available as an outdated PDF file (1.01M, 200 pages; copyright AIAA, made available here by permission).

ISO Step initiative

Between 1999 and 2002, an effort was spearheaded by Boeing to establish an ISO-STEP standard for the representation, storage, and exchange of digital data in fluid dynamics based on the CGNS standard. Unfortunately, the effort had to be curtailed because of budget problems. It was subsequently decided that an existing ISO standard on finite element solid mechanics would be rewritten and submitted to include CGNS as well as an integrated engineering analysis framework. Some details on this subsequent effort can be found in archives of the Meeting and Telecon Minutes. This new ISO effort was being conducted completely outside of the control of the CGNS committee. Therefore, the current status is not known.


Due to copyright restrictions standardization documents can not be provided here, and must be obtained directly from ISO.