CGNS Summary

CGNS (CFD General Notation System)

Summary for Open Meeting, May 1999

Prepared by: Douglas R. McCarthy
May 20, 1999

CGNS System - General Description

CGNS System - Standardized Data and I/O for CFD




CGNS Software Relationships

Figure illustrating CGNS software relationships

Two Level System

Independent Data Base Manager, ADF

CFD General Notation System (CGNS)

ADF (Advanced Data Format)

CGNS (CFD General Notation System)



CGNS System Current Completion Status (5/99)

   SIDS   File Mapping   Mid-Level Routines

CAD Pointers Agreement achieved 3/27/98,
implementation in V1.1
Agreement achieved 3/27/98,
implementation in V1.1
In work, V1.1
Structured Complete V1.0 Complete V1.0 Complete V1.0
Unstructured Complete V1.1 Complete V1.1 In work, V1.1
Chemistry Nomenclature proposal on table Complete No special code needed
Moving Grid Proposals on table Some code needed

Software Development Status

System Demonstration

CGNS/CAD Software Relationships

Figure illustrating CGNS/CAD software relationships

Current CGNS Documentation and Software (V1.0)

What's Happening Now