AP209 Modular Edition 2
Update for AIAA CGNS Team

Keith Hunten, P.E.
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.


Elements of the ISO 10303 STEP Standard

Chart showing elements of the ISO 10303 STEP standard

STEP Application Protocol (AP) Components

Chart illustrating relationship between components of the STEP application protocol

Applicable Recent Engineering Analysis Integrated Resource Developments

    Part 50:   Mathematical constructs
Part 51: Mathematical description
Part 52: Mesh based topology
Part 53: Numerical analysis
Part 104: Finite element analysis
Part 107: FEA definition relationships
Part 110: Mesh based computational fluid dynamics

Modularization Approach and Progress

High Level AP209E2 Engineering Analysis Modular Composition

Chart showing high-level engineering analysis composition for AP209E2

See backup charts for complete high-level planning model.

Remaining Tasks

Potential Areas of Cooperation

Backup Slides
AP209 E2 High Level Planning Model

Page 1 of chart illustrating AP209E2 planning model

Page 2 of chart illustrating AP209E2 planning model