Status of the ISO-STEP Initiative for CGNS-Based Fluid Dynamics Standard

Presented to the AIAA CGNS Subcommittee
January 14, 2002

Raymond R. Cosner
Senior Technical Fellow
Boeing, Phantom Works
St. Louis, MO
(314) 233-6481


Establish an ISO-STEP standard for representation, storage, and exchange of digital data in fluid dynamics.

What Is STEP?


Differences between ISO-STEP and CGNS

ISO-STEP is based on ...

ISO Organization

Chart showing ISO heirarchy related to CGNS

Operating Relationships

We will work with on the existing CGNS Steering Committee, and the users they represent, to build international consensus for the proposed standard.

Recent Events

Since previous committee meeting, June 2001:

Future Events


Is there any interest in holding a workshop with members from this Committee for a detailed review of AP 237 and the derivative parts?

Structure of the Fluid Dynamics Standard

Chart showing elements of the Fluid Dynamics Standard

STEP Standards Development Life Cycle

Approval Process

AP 237 Fluid Dynamics Schedule for Related Document Deliverables

Schedule chart for new areas in AP237, Fluid Dynamics

Schedule reviewed and updated October 4, 2001