The ADFviewer Dimensionalization window has three sections, from top to bottom.

First is a section titled "Data Class". At the top of this section are three radio buttons, labeled "Dimensional", "NormalizedByDimensional" and "NormalizedByUnknownDimensional". These are followed by two check boxes labeled "Use Conversion File" and "Slow Parsing Errors", and a button labeled "Edit Conversion File". Below these is a text input box labeled "Filename", with a "Browse" button to the right.

Next is the "CGNS Input" section, with four text input boxes, labeled "Filename", "Base Index", "Zone Index", and "Solution Index". At the right of the first box is a "Browse" button. At the right of the other three text boxes are check boxes labeled "default", "all zones", and "all solutions", respectively.

The third section is the "CGNS Output" section, with two text input boxes, labeled "Filename" and "Solution Name". To the right of the first box is a "Browse" button, and to the right of the second box is a check box labeled "default".

At the bottom of the window are "Accept" and "Cancel" buttons.