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Data Description

This panel shows the type of data, dimensions and size of the data in bytes associated with the selected node. Changing the data type and/or dimensions will set the data properties when creating a new node, or modify the properties for an existing node using the Create or Modify buttons.

Data Type
This displays or sets the data type. The data type is selected from the drop-down list invoked by clicking in the entry field or on the button to the right. When changing data types, the Node Data panel will be automatically cleared. This is done so that data conversions will use the actual node data, rather than the data displayed in the Node Data panel in order to reduce conversion errors. The Read button may be used to reload the data, if desired.
Displays the dimension for the current node. Editing this will change the dimensions of the data for the node. If this field is empty when the Create or Modify button is pressed, the dimension will be determined from the data type and data values in the Node Data panel. This is the recommended procedure when creating new data for the node.
This shows the size in bytes for the data associated with the current node. This field is shown for reference only, and is not editable.
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