This diagram illustrates the layout of the CGNS file for the simple Cartesian structured grid with multiple time-accurate flow solutions.

Just below the root node of the ADF file are two nodes with the following characteristics.

Below the CGNSBase_t node are the zone node, and two other nodes associated with the time-accurate solution.

Below the BaseIterativeData_t node is the following child node specifying the time values.

Below the Zone_t node are multiple nodes, four of which are shown in detail. Three of these are FlowSolution_t labeled nodes, named FlowSolution1, FlowSolution2, and FlowSolution3, with data MT. Each of the FlowSolution_t nodes has children containing flow solution data, but these are not shown in detail in the figure. The fourth node below the Zone_t node in the figure is used to associate the FlowSolution_t nodes with the appropriate time level.

The ZoneIterativeData_t node has the following child node containing the names of the nodes with the flow solution for the time levels stored in the file.