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GridCoordinates Node

(See Zone_t figure)

Name: Data-name identifier or user defined
Label: DataArray_t
Data-Type: R4 or R8
Dimensions: IndexDimension
Dimension Values:  DataSize[]
Data: Grid coordinate values
Cardinality: 0,N
Parameters: DataType, IndexDimension, DataSize
Child Nodes: DataArray_t figure

Name: Rind
Label: Rind_t
Data-Type: I4
Dimensions: 1
Dimension Values:  2*IndexDimension
Data: RindPlanes
Cardinality: 0,1
Parameters: IndexDimension

Name: User defined
Label:  Descriptor_t
See: CGNSBase_t figure

Name: DataClass
Label:  DataClass_t
See: CGNSBase_t figure

Name: DimensionalUnits
Label:  DimensionalUnits_t
See: CGNSBase_t figure

Name: User defined
Label:  UserDefinedData_t
See: CGNSBase_t figure