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Menu Items

The following lists the menu selection items, and the function of each.

File Menu

Load CGNS.. Invokes up a file selection panel to select a CGNS file for plotting.
Quit Exit CGNSplot.

Options Menu

Reset View Resets the view back to the initial orientation.
Center View Centers and rescales the current graphics view.
Set Defaults... Invokes a defaults panel to allow configuring the initial volume and surface region behavior and colors.
Set Perspective... Invokes a perspective settings panel to control the perspective view and near and far clipping planes

Display Menu

Two Sided If enabled, two-sided lighting will be used.
Backface Culling If enabled, then back-facing faces will not be drawn.
Display Axis If enabled, axis will be drawn on the minimum edges of the object bounding box.
Cutting Plane... Invokes a cutting plane panel for displaying a cutting plane.

Help Menu

CGNSplot Help.. Invokes the CGNSplot documentation.
CGNS Help... Invokes the CGNS documentation.
Configure Help... Invokes a setup panel to configure the HTML browser and URL's to the documentation.
About... Invokes an about dialog box.

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